How To Become A Stewardess

Airline stewardesses provide travelers with services that ensure they are comfortable and safe on commercial flights. To become a stewardess, an applicant needs to be at least 18 years old and have a valid passport. Then they will need to receive the appropriate training and gain certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which governs and enforces the safety practices of the aviation industry.

Step 1: Fulfill the Education Requirements

Most of the time, airlines accept flight attendant applicants who have a minimum high school diploma or GED. However, an applicant is more likely to be hired and put through training if they have spent some time in college or earned a college degree. The best degrees to earn include those in tourism, hospitality, communications and public relations. Being able to speak a foreign language is an added bonus for domestic workers, but those who plan to work on international services may be required to fluently speak a foreign language.

Step 2: Be in Great Physical Health

It may seem like stewardesses simply serve airline passengers food, but they actually do a lot of physically demanding tasks. For example, they need to be able to reach overhead bins and pick up bags to store in the bins for certain passengers. This means that they need to have excellent health, and airlines require them to undergo medical evaluations to ensure this is so. Additionally, since airlines want to make sure their appearance is clean and pleasing to the eye, many insist that their airline staff meet specific height and weight proportions.

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Step 3: Complete the Necessary Training

After undergoing the application process and medical test, a stewardess applicant will be hired by an airline. The carrier will provide them with the necessary training, which typically ranges between 3 and 6 weeks. The training is usually completed in the companyís own flight training center, where flight attendants will learn emergency procedures like administering first aid, using emergency equipment and evacuating the plane in case of an emergency. They also learn about their duties, the airlineís operations and flight regulations. Practice flights end the training program to ensure the trainees are ready to work with the public.

Step 4: Earn and Maintain FAA Certification

After completing the training and passing a proficiency evaluation, new stewardesses earn the Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency from the FAA. All flight attendants have to have this certification in order to work on any commercial airliner, and they have to maintain the certification by periodically retraining during their career. The retraining is simply needed to keep stewardesses up to date on the latest safety procedures and to ensure they are still physically fit to do their jobs well.

This is all thatís required to become a stewardess. Although not required, itís best to earn a college degree that applies to the travel industry in some way before pursuing this career. Since the aviation industry is expected to grow in the years to come, becoming a flight attendant can turn into a steady, rewarding job.

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